200 Blog Post and Giveaway!!


Oh hello there.

Guess what?

I love you. I do. If you are looking at this little bit of the internet right now, I love you.

This little bit of internet is my blog, and it’s one of my favourite places in the whole world. It’s taken a huge amount of time and energy and love to put the last 199 posts up, and I feel so very grateful that you are reading it. So grateful in fact, that I want to give you a present.

Yup. That’s how much I love you.

I don’t talk much about the shops and restaurants in Vancouver, because I know that a lot of you don’t live here. BUT I have fallen so head over heels with Much and Little that I needed to share it with you. And I need you to have some of the things that I have from there. It’s my favourite shop to find things for my kitchen, it’s my favourite place to look at trinkets for my walls, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite clothing stores.

But mostly, it’s my kitchen shop, because kitchens are mostly my favourite things.

So here are a couple of goodies,

  • an incredible ceramic pie dish that is so pretty you certainly don’t have to limit it’s use to pies, it is a gorgeous casserole dish, and it’s so much nicer to put on the table than a basic glass Pyrex (no offence Pyrex, I have several of yours at home too)

  • the sweetest baking tea towel, full of words like “whisk” and “sift” to motivate you through your next undertaking.

  • And my favourite- the enamelware perforated ladle, which I have now bought 4 of. (One for my mom for Christmas, than one as a Christmas present for myself because it was too cute, and then one for my bestie because she liked it too much!) This is the perfect utensil for pulling small pasta out of a pot, poaching eggs and a slew of other things, on top of being the cutest kitchen accessory you will ever need.

All you need to do, is comment down below with your favourite recipe! And “like” me on facebook or follow me on twitter. Then a randomizer will decide who get’s this awesome hand picked gift! (sorry, only available to those living in North America!)