Eat Cake

So I did my mini photoshoot for my cakes this weekend and my apartment, with all white walls, didn’t seem overly inviting for it. Fortunately I live on top of the cutest florist ever and I was completely inspired by their Valentines Day window. They had steams of pretty pink ribbon hanging from a dowel cut at all different lengths.

So thats what I did as well as pin letters to spell out “Eat Cake”. Of course you could spell anything on this, be it Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Newly Wed, or Marry Me.

Whatever your decision on the wording this is a really easy project. I went to my local fabric store and bought about 60 meters of ribbon. I wanted to amp up the girly so I went with pink. I bought every pink ribbon under 50 cents a meter. A couple were only 19cents! I was so pleased! I also used a couple red ones to make it a not to cutesy. I made sure to find lots of ribbons with different thicknesses and different textures. I bought a few thick “rick-racks” which I ended up loving the look of.

I was going to use a dowel but then I woke up with way to much enthusiasm way before any stores opened so I simply un-wound a wire hanger and used that.

I tied a piece of thread to each end and tacked it to the wall at the height I wanted it at. The I used a tape measure to see long long I wanted the longest strand. After I took that measurement I took the wire down and hung it on the back of a chair because that was closer to the ground which is where I tend to work because my desk is so teeny tiny.

Then I cut the first piece of ribbon and tied it on. I folded the ribbon so that the 2 ends were at different lengths. Once I had ribbon at the length I wanted I did a sort of knot where I held the folded part at the center to the wire and then looped the ends through it. Then I did the next one and the next one. I tried to have the thick ones pretty spaced out but the thin pieces we’re scattered every where. I wanted it to look random.

And then I cut out the letters. I just drew the letters but you could print them out in any font you want and cut them out that way to. I used an exacto knife and cut it out on thick watercolour paper so that the paper wouldn’t bend or wrinkle.

Then I pinned them up with sewing pins.


And then I hung it up and it looked awesome!