Paper Cuts (The Good Kind)

Here’s the thing. I love paper cutting. I wish I owned/knew how to use a laser cutter. I just think they can be so beautiful. I love the silhouettes, I love the bold colours, I love the slightly home made feel to them. I always aim for my cuts to be perfect and then when I get close I’m disappointed. I like the lines that aren’t quite perfect. Here’s the other thing. Paper is cheap. So are exacto knives. It makes a double whammy for paper cutting.

It’s not nearly as hard as it looks, I swear, but it does take patience. The trick is to press hard so you don’t have to go back over lines. And start with something simple. I remember being surprised at how easy and quick it goes. And if you hate it you wasted a piece of paper, and not that I am condoning paper wasting, but in my books it’s better then wasting a wooden frame, canvas, oil paints, and the turpentine you need to wash your brushes. Just saying.

Now if you have no time or absolutely no artistic talent (although I really think you do!) Here are my favourite fellow paper cutters.

Firstly is Rob Ryan, I originally bought a couple of his cards and thought they were lovely and then by complete fluke I went into his store in London and then I really fell in love. Everything in there is beautiful. And they not only do paper cuts but also screen prints, printed tape, engraved keys, everything. And they are all beautiful.

If your having trouble finding Rob Ryan things around your town (if you live in Vancouver They sell some of his cards as Dream Design on Commercial Drive) then no one is better then Paper Cuts By Joe. His papercuts are so romantic. I will admit being inspired by his bicycles, and he is, obviously, much more technical then I am.

Valentine's Day Gift Papercut Couple on Bikes- 8x10

So, there are some cute valentines! Hope you feel inspired!