Pioneer Woman and Me


The Pioneer Woman and I are two very different people. She’s married, has 2 kids, 3 books, a ranch, and clearly an amazing career built on her ability to relate to people. People like me even. Me, who has a lovely, but crappy apartment, lives in a city, no kids to speak of yet and certainly no book deal. What, you might ask can we relate about?

I’ll tell you friends. Salsa.

The Pioneer Woman has some strong feelings about salsa. Feelings I didn’t even realize I had until I read her recipe and realized she was completely right. I like my salsa diced up finely. Very finely in fact. So fine that its best to use a food processor. I’m not being lazy, I like that consistency. I also hate vinegar in my salsa. When you need some acidity, use lime juice! Lime juice is delicious. And I usually want more cilantro then anyone I know in most things and this is true of salsa too. Bring it on cilantro. 

I did change a couple things, it’s true. Mostly because I couldn’t find the canned tomato/jalapeno stuff she uses.  I used less jalapeno, Jordan wishes it was spicier but I don’t. I used a little more cumin, but maybe my cumin is just old, and that’s why I needed more. And I added more lime juice. Just because I like more lime juice. So there you have it. The Pioneer Woman knows whats up.

Really Really Good Salsa

1/2 White Onion, Roughly Chopped

1 clove Garlic, Cut a Couple Times

1 Jalapeno Pepper, Roughly Chopped

2 Ripe Tomatoes, Diced up

1 can Plum Tomatoes, (try to find a brand with no citric acid!)

A BIG handful of cilantro

1 Big Lime, or 2 little ones

2 tsp Ground Cumin

Put the onion, tomatoes, garlic, and jalapeno in your food processor.

Pulse a couple times

Add in the canned tomatoes, the cumin and the cilantro.

Pulse that a couple times too.

Add in the lime and a couple good pinches of salt. Pulse it until you get a nice consistency. Taste it and add more salt if you need. Then serve it up! That’s it!