Roibbos Tea Iced Latte with Almond Milk and Cinnamon


Do you ever just fall so in love with a company? You know, when you go into a shop and just love everything in it so much you wish you owned the place? And then you meet the owner and they are so lovely and you just are so thrilled to have found them?There are only a handful of places like this for me. This great little shop on Main St., the izakaya down the street from me, the sadly closed Little Nest. The kind of places that immediately just feel perfect. Well, I’ve got a new one for the list, and I have to talk about it because I’m so royally obsessed. A friend of mine posted something about this nut milk company on facebook, and on a whim I ordered some. And then something amazing happened, this lovely woman who makes almond milk, and hazelnut milk, and hazelnut-cocoa milk, delivered it, in a mason jar, to my door on her bicycle. Seriously. Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard of? And, like you would imagine a bicycle riding nut milk making woman to be, she is this bubbly, bright sunshine-y person. Not only is she lovely, but her milks are amazing. They are made from organic nuts (from California except the hazelnuts which she picks herself about an hour outside of Vancouver), and are just wildly more flavourful than the chemical laden stuff at the grocery store. As, despite my greatest attempts to ignore it, my body doesn’t really like dairy, this is pretty wonderful for me. You can probably tell I’m excited. So I’ve been trying out new ways to play around with her products, and what I keep finding is just how brilliant almond milk is with roibos tea. It’s the perfect match for me, hot or cold. This is just a simple recipe, so simple I almost didn’t post it, but it’s too good I had too. Also, I had to talk about how great Nuez milks are, because I’m a little obsessed. Roibos Almost Milk Latte with Cinnamon and Honey Per Drink 1 tsp Roibos Tea 1 tsp Honey ½ cup Almond Milk 1 Cinnamon Stick (or a pinch of ground cinnamon)* Ice *if you are doubling (or tripling!) the recipe you do not need to add more cinnamon. Boil cup of water. Put the tea into a tea strainer and put into a teapot. Add the cinnamon stick and pour the water on top. Let this steep for at least 5 minutes if not longer. Pour the tea into a large cup. Add the honey and stir until it is combined. Add in a few ice cubes and stir until the tea is cooled completely. Add the almond milk. Drink!