Edible Vancouver, with some excited news!

About two years ago I started this blog, after much nagging from my sister, because I was unemployed and terribly bored. About a month into it I knew that this was something I was going to want to do for a long time. Six months later I submitted a story to Edible Vancouver and, without having any experience, and to my great amazement, they published it.

A few months later I started looking at the bios of contributing writers at magazines and publications that I admired, trying to figure out what they did to get where they did, I noticed that there was one publication that came up over and over again; they had written for Edible. Edible Brooklyn, Edible San Fransisco, Edible Chicago, but Edible somewhere.

So I decided I needed to start doing some more writing for them, and along with pitching a few story ideas, I also decided that I would start blogging for them for free. I have done a lot of free work in my life, Jordan jokes that my passion in life if volunteering for corporations, and he might be right, but sometimes it pays off.

I am now feeling very lucky, quite humbled and, admittedly, a little bit pleased with myself, as the new issue has just come out and my name is on the masthead under associate editor.

So here is the new magazine, you can read it online or you can grab a copy if you live in Vancouver, I have two articles, one on onions, the other on a restaurant called Heirloom, and a few recipes as well. This magazine is truly a labour of love from everybody involved, and I hope that shines through to you.