Floating Vases DIY

Big changes are about to start happening around here. Not quite yet, but pretty soon. 

In preparation for this I’ve baked some cakes and had some pictures taken and I’ve been working with some very talented people. I’t pretty exciting.

One of the things that will change soon are the wedding cake pictures, and so recently I filled my house with baked goods and crafted my little heart out, and had a friend come by and take some pictures. And while I’m not quite ready to but those up yet, here is a sneak peak and a little DIY!

I really wanted to have lots of flowers for the shoot, but I also really wanted to keep it looking clean and crisp and a little minimal. I’ve been seeing some floating vases lately and loved that idea but I didn’t have the right sized vases… and then…

Sometimes you just need to look around! I found these at my local Italian grocery store, and they cost 79 cents each. So I bought 8 of them, poured out the juice (FYI the peach pulp+bubbly=bellini!), soaked them well and then washed them off, which was pretty easy actually. 

Then I tied a string around the lip of each of them.

Then I nailed a few holes in my wall. With very very thin nails. Sorry landlord.

After that just tie them to the nails and the length you wish- I like them when they’re mis matched but that’s just me. Now fill them with water and flowers!