Acorn Garland DIY

 have this friend, her name is Tash, and she is all kinds of wonderful.

We met about 5 years ago when we were both going through devastating breakups, and she ended up moving into my building. There was this 10 month window of time when we did nearly everything together. A window of being single, working in restaurants, going out dancing, and gossiping about it all the next morning. It was a time that, even though I’m not sure either of us have cried more in that short a period of time, I’m not sure we’ve ever laughed that much either. It was a wonderful moment in my life that I will always smile when I think of.

After that 10 months we were both in relationships again (within about a week of each other I think), and we got real jobs, and Tash ended up moving to Kingston for 2 years to get her masters. People would sometimes ask me if we were still close, if we talked reguarly and I would have to stop myself from laughing, with the benefits of a My5 plan, we literally talked at least once a day, and often more. When she moved back a couple years ago she moved in with her man in Port Moody, a small distance away, and we still talk every day. We still hang out all the time. Although our boyfriends have banned the term, we used to call each other our “hetro-sexual lifemates” and that’s still pretty accurate. If you had to make me decide between Jordan and Tash, I would be hard pressed to choose.

What I’m saying here, is that Tash is an incredible friend who I just love.

So when she asked if for her birthday we could have a brunch party at our apartment, the answer was obviously yes.

It was a simple breakfast, roasted root veggies, frittatas, cheddar bisquits.

I also made a little garland for the wall, I kept looking online for cute fall set ups, and all I could find was things covered with orange and pumpkins, I wanted something a little less fussy, so instead I went with acorns. I went with wood, I went a little hipster and I threw in some chalkboards.

And it was super cute.

Silver Acorn Garland DIY

20 Acorns

Bakers Twine, or equivalent

Cheap Sparkly Silver Nail Polish

Glue Gun

I just went down the street and found acorns. Almost all of the tops were seperated from the bottoms so it made painting them super easy. BUT if yours are holding together you will just need to be a bit more careful making sure the paint doesn’t get on the body of the nut.

Lay a sheet of plastic wrap down on your work surface.

Paint the tops of the acorns with the sparkly polish, getting as thick or thin a coat as you like. Place them on the plastic wrap when your done so they don’t stick to anything.

When they are dry use your glue gun to place the bottoms to the tops. Be liberal with the glue, the acorns are a bit heavy.

Tie your bakers twine to each of the twig tops and hang them where ever you like. I am totally saving mine and going to wrap them around my Christmas tree!